Users registered via automatic enrollment should login with their email address.
  • If you are existing MIR3 Notification System recipient of Emergency or Operational notifications, please use the Login screen.
  • If you forgot your existing recipient password, please click Lost Password? link, and a new password will be emailed to your work account.
  • Non-BCIT Staff/Students may register here using a personal email address.

All current BCIT students have been automatically registered with their email address. The following steps will provide access to the BCIT Alert system:

  • 1. Select the “Forgot/Reset Password” tab and enter your email address to generate a new password.
  • 2. Login to your email ( and follow the instructions from the BCIT Alert Administrator
  • 3. Login to the BCIT Alert system with the temporary password from your email and then update your password


After registering please check your email and update your profile immediately.